The Merit In Customized Software Solutions

 April 13, 2016
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Custom Software Development

Work flow management: automation, streamlining & elimination of human error


Reliable data to make sound management decisions is vitally important in this modern fast paced world we live in. With limited time in our daily schedules, these decisions need to be made as quickly as possible with as much reliability as possible.

Software has the power of mapping and automating work flows and this streamlines processes, which leads to time saved and more reliable information being captured, through reduced human error. Only through a customized software solution can this idea be realized, as the software is developed in line with your industry standards and companies best practices.

This means you do not have to adapt your business to the work flow of standard software, but develop it according to your unique work flow.


Compliance issues

  1. Legal compliance:

    Every industry has its own unique standards which includes legal compliance. A customized software solution is tailored to abide by these legalities and in this way every user of the system is guided in terms of this compliance.

    Human error is thus eliminated and feedback on various compliance issues can be brought to managements attention timeously.

  2. Compliance with accepted best practices:

    As previously mentioned every industry and company has its own unique accepted best practices, which usually take time and effort to develop and implement. These best practices are also put in place to assure standards are met for numerous reasons and to meet customer expectations. Customized software is once again key to this process as best practice rules are built into the work flow without human intervention required on a daily basis.

  3. Compliance with internal policies & procedures:

    Just as in the case of best practices, internal policies and procedures within companies are developed to create structure and standards. These policies and procedures also protect employers as well as employees, help guide expectations and give clarity to these expectations.

    Customized software solutions are developed to include all internal policies and procedures to once again automate the process and human intervention is not required reducing the risk of human error.

Performance management & bench-marking


Employee performance in business is critically important, but if there are no ways to measure performance it can be compared to steering a ship without a rudder, leading to great frustration.

With legal compliance, accepted best practices and internal policies and procedures all developed as integral parts within customized software solutions, performance management becomes easy to implement and monitor.

The key is to make sure that the expected benchmarks of performance are included in the software solutions development with a customizable set-up.

This allows for the adaptation of performance benchmarks over time, creating flexibility.

Employees will also know what to expect, as performance management becomes consistent and measurable. With reliable and accessible information stored in the database, reference to information can take place at any time for management to access assessment reports and track progress.




With reference to everything already mentioned being an integral part of a customized software solution, employees become accountable in their daily tasks that they perform.

There are no short-cuts to be taken and the work-flow guidance creates a sense of confidence in employees, knowing that all policies and best practices are being followed within the company.

Accountability in essence becomes second nature, allowing employees and management to focus on aspects of the business that need their undivided attention.


Employee mobility


Software development is currently focused on web-based technologies with scaling ability to smaller devices like tablets and smartphones. Mobile applications can also be developed to form part of the software solution, allowing for “off-line” use of the software in areas where internet connectivity is low or non-existent.

These web-based technologies allow employees to be mobile, while remaining productive and accountable. Various other online technologies can be incorporated into a software solution to aid employees in being more efficient and can assist in cost saving as well. An increase in employee productivity is also realized.


Management reports & statistics


The advantages of customized software solutions are evident. There are many more that could be mentioned, but one specific one to mention and is arguably one of the most important is the accessibility to management reports and statistics to encourage better decision making with always available and reliable data.

Management reports are developed in line with management needs and can allow for manipulation to give various sets of data according to immediate needs.

So next time you have a problem in your business and you’re not sure how to solve it, a customized software solution could be your answer. Just be aware of the approach to it, as there is a process to be followed.

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