Overview & Benefits

The SmartSales lead tracking and sales management software is an easy-to-use, highly adaptable and very effective tool that assists sales managers retain an always up-to-date and credible overview over the activities of their sales teams without the need to waste precious time and human resources on compiling ever more complicated and cumbersome spreadsheets.

  • Every new sales opportunity is immediately allocated to a sales person within the team in order to establish clear ownership of the lead.
  • All interactions between the lead and the sales person, as well as all running quotes are recorded in the software. In case of staff turnover within your sales team, all information is readily at hand to reallocate the lead with minimum disruption to the sales process.
  • A set of adaptable business rules that can be formulated within the software help ensure among others that all follow ups are carried out on time and as scheduled.
  • Any breach of business rules automatically raises alerts on management level to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • All relevant KPIs (e.g. hit rates, sales vs targets, lost orders, etc.) are automatically monitored in real-time and readily available to ensure that all leads move through the sales pipeline in the shortest possible time and that targets are consistently met or even exceeded.

Key Features

Personal Organiser

  • To keep track of appointments, follow up calls and to-do-lists for each lead and each member of your sales team.

Management Alerts

  • A well-structured sales process is usually governed by a pre-destined workflow in combination with a clearly defined set of business rules.
  • Sales managers ordinarily waste a substantial amount of time trying to identify cases in which workflows are not adhered to or established business rules are being breached during the course of the sales process.
  • SmartSales can greatly assist already thinly stretched management resources in freeing up time through its built-in, configurable system of management alerts.
  • Automatically generated alerts are sent to management via e-mail or SMS rather than relying on a conventional set of exception reports, this automatically alerts management to situations that require attention.
  • In this manner, nothing slips through the cracks and remains unattended while also freeing up management’s time which can now be invested more productively.

Lot Order Management & Archival

  • Keeping track of lost orders is an arduous and often difficult task at the best of times in any sales environment due to the fact that sales consultants have an inherent tendency to sweep lost orders under the carpet rather than report them.
  • The lost order management function ensures that your sales management is kept up to date regarding lost orders in real-time and without exception.
  • Consequently, your lost orders are reported and measured accurately and a profound pattern analysis of the reasons for the loss of orders can be performed in order to develop an effective strategy to minimise the amount of deals lost unnecessarily.
  • All lost orders are archived in a dedicated data repository and remain available for the purposes of data mining. The data gathered in the process often form the basis for powerful marketing drives and as a source of future sales opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Our built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function allows for comprehensive and detailed profiling of your leads and customers.
  • Customers with matching profiles can be combined to target groups and personalised mail-merged information can be sent to individuals or whole target groups via printed letter, e-mail, and/or SMS by the mere click of a button.
  • The smart use of our built-in CRM function can significantly assist in making sure that only information that is of actual interest to the recipients is being sent to them. This in turn improves the likelihood that information sent out is actually read by the recipients and has a positive impact for your sales drive rather than ending up in the junk mail folder.

Interface to 3rd Party Software

  • Interfaces to 3rd party software like accounting, ERP, and warehousing systems like Pastel Accounting, Syspro ERP, Quix warehousing etc. are either readily available or can be provided upon request.

Lead & Quote Tracking

  • Tracking of all sales opportunities and running quotes ensures that sales managers have crucial, up-to-date, and credible information about the status of each lead and the performance of each member of the sales team, as well as the team’s overall performance readily at hand.
  • An automatically created read-only audit trail facilitates all interactions between your sales team and your leads are readily available for future analysis, as and when required.
  • Every lead requires a clearly defined “next step” to drive the lead further up the sales pipeline until the deal is either closed or lost.
  • Staff turnover within the sales team resulting in reallocation of leads within the team can be facilitated within mere minutes and with minimum disruption to the sales process.

Quote Generator

  • A highly automated quote generator with multiple price levels and group prices for franchises ensures that even the most complex quotes can be drawn up in the shortest possible time, minimising room for human error and maximising precious face time with your leads.
  • A built-in, detailed and comprehensive set of user rights ensures that no unauthorised discounts are granted or price changes are effected without prior approval by authorised staff.
  • Quote layouts can be adjusted to your company’s particular requirements to help ensure standardised, professional looking quote layouts across the whole sales team.


  • Once the deal is closed, SmartSales [FMCG] assists with the streamlining of the delivery process from the printing of the packing lists in your warehouse right through to the dropping off of the goods ordered in your customers’ loading bay.
  • The utilisation of your fleet of delivery vehicles is optimised by ensuring that each vehicle is packed as close to its maximum capacity as possible.
  • Delivery vehicles are allocated to routes and the packing lists are arranged in a manner to ensure that the goods for each drop off are situated as close to the door as possible and in the order of the drop off points.
  • Closer to the actual time of delivery, customers are alerted to the impending delivery via e-mail and SMS to ensure that a suitable loading bay is available upon arrival of your delivery vehicle and to assist in avoiding unnecessary delays.

Sales Force Mobility

  • Sales Force Mobility allows for the effortless integration of handheld computing devices like smartphones and tablets to ensure that sales staff in the field are tapped in at all times and have all the information required readily at hand when meeting potential leads and clients.
  • An always-on connection to the SmartSales back end software via wireless 3G connection ensures that no precious time is wasted on cumbersome uploading and downloading of data and that all sales information at the office is always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Furthermore, data security and data integrity are vastly improved as no data is physically stored on these mobile devices to avoid the possible abuse and theft of data.

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