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Overview & Benefits

Municipal playgrounds are a crucial contributing factor towards the effective promotion of health and physical activity among the children of our communities. Section 9 of the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993) assigns responsibility for the safety of children utilising playground equipment on municipal playgrounds to the respective municipalities. Failure to adhere to this legal framework not only endangers the health and well-being of the children in our communities, but also exposes municipalities to substantial possible public liability claims, deviating a portion of already thinly stretched budgets that could be invested better in the upgrade and maintenance of municipal playgrounds.

The SmartMun Playground Manager has been developed explicitly to assist southern African local government organisations with the effective management of their municipal playgrounds in a manner that is legally compliant while ensuring at the same time that playground equipment installed is being maintained in good order. Some of the benefits of introducing the SmartMun Playground Manager to your administration are as follows:

  • Electronic asset register for playground equipment installed
  • Built-in, configurable check-lists for each category of playground equipment to ensure standardised inspection processes across all playgrounds
  • Electronic scheduler to ensure regular inspections on-site
  • Paperless inspections through utilisation of suitable handheld computing devices like smart phones or notepads
  • Improved legal compliance
  • Reduced risk of exposure to possible public liability claims
  • Improved decision making on executive level regarding the replacement of existing and the procurement of new playground equipment based on always up-to-date and credible data about, the age, maintenance, and downtime of equipment

With our comprehensive range of value-added services in conjunction with our excellent after-sales support, Synapsis Software is southern Africa’s preferred one-stop solution provider to assist your administration with the effective management of your municipal playgrounds.

Key Features

Electronic Asset Register of Municipal Playgrounds

  • Including spatial coordinates for integration with existing municipal GIS

Configurable Checklists

  • Each equipment category entails its own configurable checklist to ensure that all inspectors carry out vital functional inspections in exactly the same, standardised manner and an equal degree of diligence is applied across all management areas

Paperless Inspections

  • Playground inspections are traditionally carried out in a paper-based manner, which invariably results in problems keeping track of inspections and the resolution of problems reported while leaving a lot of room for human errors
  • The introduction of modern, handheld computing devices like smart phones or notepads goes a long way towards addressing these problems
  • Built-in cameras assist in documenting problems found on-site; pictures can be added to the electronic inspection records
  • Built-in GPS assist in ensuring that inspectors are indeed geographically at the piece of playground equipment at the time of inspection

Electronic Asset Register of Playground Equipment

  • Keep track of each piece of playground equipment from procurement to retirement
  • Accurate reporting about age of equipment, equipment value, compliance ratios, maintenance history with downtime of equipment, and maintenance costs

Inspection Scheduler

  • Specifically in medium size and larger municipalities it is very easy to lose track of which inspections are due and where. Our built-in, configurable electronic scheduler ensures that nothing slips through the cracks
  • Automatically generated alerts are sent to senior staff and management via email and/or SMS in cases of breach of policy

Interface to existing Geographic Information Systems (GISs)

  • The SmartMun Playground Manager programme is spatially enabled. With our optional GIS interface to any existing, industry-standard GIS our data can be made available for spatial analysis

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