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Overview & Benefits

Southern African local government organisations find themselves under increasing pressure from their national governments, as well as from the public, who increasingly demand prompt and professional service delivery, particularly when it comes to the resolution of complaints. The year-on-year increase in the number of service delivery related protests is clearly a call to action and puts pressure on local government to streamline historically grown processes, as well as improve the communication with the public through the utilisation of modern IT technology. At organisational level, an increasing number ofmunicipalities have decided to implement centralised call centres as the single point of entry for all incoming complaints.

The SmartMun CallCenter Manager has been developed explicitly to assist southern African local government organisations with the effective, paperless management of complaints from the public all the way from logging the complaint in the call centre right through to resolution of the complaint and archival. Some of the benefits of introducing the SmartMun CallCenter Manager to your administration are as follows:

  • Fast and easy logging of calls through built-in call centre client
  • Streamlined logging of complaints through automatic screen pop-up upon allocation of calls to call centre operators
  • Voice recordings archived and added to the electronic complaints record for future reference
  • Complaints can no longer get lost or remain unallocated
  • Clearly defined responsibilities and ownership for each and every complaint at all times
  • Effective monitoring of response times through built-in date and time stamps
  • Benchmarking of response times on departmental and ward level, as well as overall
  • Accurate reporting of resource utilisation and related costs
  • Improved staff management and staff accountability
  • Improved ability to detect and avoid bottle necks that impact negatively on municipal service delivery
  • Improved decision making on executive level based on always up-to-date, credible management reports, and statistics

With our comprehensive range of value-added services in conjunction with our excellent after-sales support, Synapsis Software is southern Africa’s preferred one-stop solution provider to assist your administration with the effortless migration to the effective and paperless management of your complaints from the public.

Key Features

Electronic Logging of Complaints & Enquiries

  • All incoming complaints are logged electronically without any need for pen and paper
  • Each incoming complaint is automatically allocated a unique ID no. for future reference
  • Each incoming complaint is date/time and user stamped
  • A confirmation of receipt is automatically sent to the complainant via e-mail and/or SMS

Job Cards

  • The built-in electronic job card system allows supervisors to give instructions to the work teams in the field
  • Upon completion of the work on-site, the work teams record the begin / end of work, resources utilised, etc

Interface to Existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • The SmartMun Customer Care Manager programme is spatially enabled. GPS coordinates can be gathered while the work teams are on-site and be added to the electronic complaints record
  • The spatial data including the related complaints specific data can be exposed through our optional GIS interface to any existing, industry-standard GIS for spatial analysis of complaint patterns and for the identification of hot spots

Employee Mobility

  • Our SmartMun Customer Care Manager software is geared to create a great user experience for staff in the field through the use of modern handheld computing devices like smart phones and notepad computers
  • Supervisors and work teams no longer have to come back to their office to receive new instructions or to report back, thus giving them more, urgently needed time for actual service delivery to the public


  • In order to minimise response times, each complaint has to be delegated to the responsible department directly upon receipt

Monitoring of Response Times/Benchmarking

  • All incoming complaints are categorised upon receipt
  • Every category of complaint is associated with a maximum response time
  • Breach of maximum response times automatically triggers electronic alerts via e-mail and / or SMS to senior staff

E-government Web Portals/Integration with Municipal Web Pages

  • e-government is a modern concept to bring information and services closer to the public, as well as to reduce the cost of conducting business with municipalities through electronic means
  • Through our integrated SmartMun Customer Care Manager WebPortal members of the public can, from the convenience of their homes or offices, log new complaints or enquire about the status of previously logged complaints 24/7

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