SmartMun Land Application Manager

Overview & Benefits

The effective management of land applications represents an aspect of municipal service delivery that has direct impact on local investment and employment opportunities. Land applications fall into the following categories: 

Rezoning, Subdivision, Special consent, Departure, Sales, Leases, Site development plan, Acquisition of land and Sectional title

The processes involved for each application type are prescribed by national law, very complex, and involve a substantial number of staff members. The task of processing these applications in a manner that is not only legally compliant, but also within clearly defined, acceptable time frames represents a formidable challenge in many municipalities where no suitable IT systems are in place to assist in this task. This in turn often leads to large and increasing backlogs of applications, excessive response times, dissatisfaction among applicants, and ultimately in the loss of investment, employment opportunities and revenue for affected municipalities.

The SmartMun Land Application Manager has been developed explicitly to assist southern African local government organisations with the effective, paperless management of their land applications in a manner that is legally compliant while also monitoring the performance and response time of all the key role players. Some of the benefits of introducing the SmartMun Land Application Manager to your administration are as follows:

  • Streamlined, paperless workflows to ensure that due process is followed at all times
  • An always up-to-date overview of where all applications are in the process
  • Every application can be located within seconds
  • Electronic alerts automatically draw management’s attention to bottlenecks, backlogs, and incidences of breach of policy
  • Improved legal compliance
  • Improved response times
  • Improved levels of municipal service delivery

With our comprehensive range of value-added services in conjunction with our excellent after-sales support, Synapsis Software is southern Africa’s preferred one-stop solution provider to assist your administration with the effective management of your land applications.

Key Features

Configurable Workflows

  • The software is configurable to a very large degree to ensure the best possible fit for each particular local government organisation.
  • All tasks within the workflows are clearly assigned to role players in order to clearly define responsibilities and to establish accountability.

Built-In Tariff Lists and Quote Generator

  • Our built-in list of municipal tariffs can be updated at the beginning of each new municipal financial year
  • The electronic quote template can be configured according to each municipality’s corporate identity guidelines and branding
  • Professional looking quotes with automatically calculated costs based on the latest tariff lists can be produced at the click of a button

Electronic Logging of Applications

  • All new applications are logged electronically directly upon receipt

Monitoring of Performance and Response Times

  • In order to maximise through-put and improve performance, maximum response times can be allocated to each phase within the workflows. This ensures that all role players are kept up-to-date at all times regarding the responsibilities in terms of moving applications forward to the next stage
  • Automatically generated alerts are sent via email/SMS to senior staff and management in cases of breach of permissible response times. In effect this means that no applications can get lost or remain unattended without drawing attention to the situation

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