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Southern African municipalities find themselves under increasing pressure from ratepayers, as well as their respective national governments to improve levels of municipal service delivery. Without suitable IT systems in place, this presents a formidable challenge to local government organisations.

Historically grown, paper-based management methods are completely inappropriate when it comes to ensuring that due processes are not only followed in a manner that is legally compliant but also within acceptable time frames. Paper-based management methods further make it next to impossible to compile accurate, up-to-date and credible reports and statistics, thus depriving the executive of information that is absolutely crucial to making well-informed decisions.

Through the use of the SmartMun municipal management software suite, business-like customer-centric and performance oriented thinking is gradually introduced into local government organisations, workflows are streamlined, responsibilities are clearly defined, and accountability is established. As a result our customers can enjoy a continuous year-on-year improvement on levels of municipal service delivery, a more satisfied rate payer’s base, as well as reduced levels of loss of investment and employment opportunities.


Cemetery Manager

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Customer Care Manager

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Call Center Manager

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Playgrounds Manager

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Building Plan Manager

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Land Application Manager

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