Recovery of Distressed Software Projects

It is regrettable and not entirely uncommon that software projects that originally started off on a high note and with great aspirations from all stakeholders involved end up in distress or, at times, even in outright failure.

This often puts substantial amounts of investment in terms of time, human resources, energy and finances at risk and can constitute a severe obstacle to the future planned growth of the company as well as the delivery of crucial core functions within the organisation.

Under gradually increasing stress levels, early warning signs are often ignored as project managers allow themselves to fall victim to the dreaded “last mile syndrome”, a project phase during which the project completion, seemingly almost in reach, is being delayed again and again without any guaranteed outcome in terms of functionality, definitive deadlines and completion of the project.

The possible causes for project distress or outright project failure are too varied to list comprehensively. However, some of the more common causes that we come across on a regular basis when we are approached with regards to the possible rescue of distressed projects are as follows:

  • The initially appointed service provider is going out of business
  • The initially appointed service provider lacks the requisite competence and / or experience to complete the project successfully. This particular scenario occurs often when projects are initiated ‘on the cheap’ utilising free lancers or people working after hours on top of their normal work / study commitments
  • Irreconcilable differences between the initially appointed service provider and the customer with regards to outstanding deliverables and the quality thereof
  • Lack of clearly defined objectives and project outcomes
  • Short comings regarding project governance

Based on decades of experience, we have developed sound project management procedures for the assessment and possible recovery of distressed software projects.

In case you feel that one of your projects shows signs of distress, please contact us rather earlier than later to discuss possible project recovery scenarios with our team of experts.