Website Design & Development

Websites have developed from being mere visual presentations of companies on the Internet to being powerful tools that have the potential to generate ongoing streams of credible leads for sales and marketing departments in a very cost-effective manner.

Statistics reveal that visitors to a website spend mostly on average about 7 seconds or even less on the websites they visit.

In order to render a great return on investment for our customers, websites from the Synapsis Design Lab are therefore developed with a strong focus on making the most of this exceptionally short window period.

Websites from the Synapsis Design Lab are:

  • Visually attractive
  • Easy to navigate and intuitive to use
  • Designed based on latest, globally acknowledged best practices and design trends
  • Interactive, with well-placed calls to action to encourage webpage visitors to take the next step
  • Mobile responsive in order to cater effectively for the increasing amount of website visitors using tablets or smartphones
  • Content managed using a content management system (CMS) to facilitate easy, regular updates to keep the web page content fresh, current and relevant
  • Integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn etc. to attract more visitors and stay in touch with your target market
  • Open to optional e-commerce facilities including online store and electronic payment portals for easy trading via the Internet

You will also backed by our Synapsis Digital Marketing Team to ensure:

  • consistently highest rankings in search-results
  • consistently highest conversion rates
  • best possible return of investment (ROI) every Rand / US$ / Euro spent on your web page


Contact our Synapsis Digital Marketing Team now for a free consultation to discuss your requirements and to discuss the next possible steps on your way to an improved web presence and increased sales.