Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the preferred solution providers of cutting-edge, high-impact software solutions within the business, corporate and local government sectors across sub-Saharan Africa and English-speaking countries across the globe.

We want our products to be recognized as best-of-breed solutions in their respective fields.

Our Mission

On the basis of close, long-term customer relationships and continuously high levels of service excellence, it is our mission to empower our customers to utilise the latest information technologies effectively in order to streamline their operations, monitor and improve their performance and to thus ultimately enhance their competitiveness within their chosen markets.

Our Values
Customer Focus
  • To be a company that is passionately dedicated to its customers at all times, to anticipate needs and to regularly exceed our customers’ expectations with the cutting-edge portfolio of products and services that we provide.
  • To be powerful catalysts for the growth and enhanced competitiveness of our customers through the supply of innovative software solutions in combination with our expert consulting and after-sales services.
Employee Empowerment
  • We believe that all our employees strive inherently to excel at their jobs and to not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations and that they will consistently do so, given the proper work environment, tools, and support.
  • We attract highly capable, diverse, and innovative people and recognize their efforts and contribution to the company and to our customers’ organisations.
Fairness, Honesty & Transparency
  • We believe in fairness, honesty and transparency in our interactions with all stake holders in our company, be they our shareholders, staff members, customers, or suppliers, in order to earn their trust and continued loyalty.
  • We believe that anything less than our adherence to the highest standards of business ethics in all our interactions with stake holders is unacceptable.